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What is a "dance “?
We have various kinds of dances such as a rice-transplanting dance, Bon festival dance, an ethnic dance and so on. All dances adhere to the living of people in all countries from ancient times .
It seems that dance is one of the communication tool in our life.

Since 2009, we have worked vigorously to disseminate joy of dancing ,the virtue of dancing and how to communicate through dancing with pioneers of dancing .
We started as "the HIP-HOP CHAMPIONSHIP Japan secretariat“ and has changed the name to NPO corporation Japan Hip-Hop Dance Association .

Hip-hop is introduced into school education as a rhythm dance, and some official qualifications seem to be done. However, some teachers have difficulties to instruct how to dance, because they don’t know how to cope with introduction for dancing on the site.We can offer you many tips which the originators have fostered for a long time .

Non profit Organization Japan Hip-Hop Dance Association