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Privacy Policy

We, the Japan Hip-Hop Dance Association fully understand the importance of protecting personal information in our business activity being carried on.

■We handle all information provided by our customers which can uniquely identify a specific single person, says hereunder the personal information, in the following manner, regardless of means to collect, via website, via email or via call in form of applications and/or inquiries.

■The personal information is data that can identify a single person, such a name, an address, a telephone number and an email address.

■We collect the personal information within the scope of the use by clarifying purpose of the use.

■We maintain appropriate management of the personal information and safeguards to protect the personal information from improper disclosure or modification and from unauthorized access.

■In principle we do not submit or disclose the personal information once obtained and stored in to third parties except the following cases.
1.on official inquiry or demand in writing by a person who is authorized in law
2.with consent of the owner of the personal information

■When a customer requests to reference or revise the personal information of his or her own, we do fulfill the request, but only when it is confirmed in our way of finding that the personal information belongs to him or her.

■We abide by all applicable Japanese laws and other norms concerning privacy protection in handling the personal information that we hold on our hand and regularly review this Privacy Policy to ensure that appropriate safeguards are maintained.