Japanese / English

Our Basic Principles

 We’re sure that dances are the best communication tool beyond language barrier. As the globalization has been advancing lately, we think the education that is conscious of the global world plays a significant role in the Japanese future.
Our bodies are relaxed by dancing, then this has a good influence on our mind and body.
 We’re assure you that the education through dancing has a big influence on our imagination and our possibilities. We think human being education which nurture a feeling of thankfulness and ethical values have a major role in our internationality and sociability.
 Also education by dancing cultivate international exchange and communication. Therefore we think education by dancing has a significant role in our society more and more.
With support and cooperation by many people, dances make effects of fruitful personnel education and result in benefit to society after all .


 Our purpose is to contribute to society as an educational facility which develop global awareness and sociality among people. We carry out various activities to attain our goal, such as dance events for all people, supporting international exchange , sending dance-instructors and providing workshops .