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How to approach

We take the initiative in promoting following 5 activities and 7 projects from three fields with our philosophy and statement.
Ⅰ Promoting Hip-Hop dancing
Ⅱ Promoting nature vibration
Ⅲ Others


1)Promoting social education
2)Promoting academic , artistic activities and culture and sports
3)Nurture sound body and mind of children
4)Energization of regional activation
5)Organize and support these activities Report and advice about our action


1)Hold and organize events and contests
2)Encourage dance instructors
3)Hold and organize lectures and workshops
4)Send instructors and dancers to oversees
5)Invite instructors and dancers from oversees
6)Promote and educate people with pictures and material Management and operate home page
7)Send instructors and advice to educational institutions , local governments and other various groups


1) Produce and sell videos and photos of festivals and events
2) Make and sell memorial goods of festivals and events
3) Perform dancing on various media and collaborate on projects with them
4) Promote the sales of photos , publications and so on
5)Management of the copyrights about the books such as photographs, pictures , publications